in conversation with Sarika Baheti.


First forms of life evolved in water. We humans, the so called superior forms of life, must preserve it. This is a strong message being spread by Neeranjali. There are various groups and NGOs working on conservation of water but what makes Neeranjali different from others is their pursuit for the cause.

We have heard people fighting for cleaning of oceans, cleaning of rivers and doing rain water harvesting and what not. We all know about it but it is all not in our hands. We can only stand and force government for these massive projects. But what we can do ourselves is save the water we have at our disposal. Neerajali works in this area by spreading awareness about how we individuals can save water at our homes and work areas.

Sarika BahetiMrs Sarika Baheti, an adventurous and nature loving woman, is heading the NGO and making great contributions for the betterment of society. Sarika is also one of the Directors of Vectus Industries Ltd. who are into manufacturing of Plastic materials such as water tanks, pipe lines etc.

Neeranjali has a group on facebook with more than 3300 members till date who contribute with inspirational messages, videos and quotes. The group is regularly updated with the activities of Neeranjali all over India. “It is wonderful to see people coming together and participating with their ideas and activities over water conservation” says Sarika.

Can you please brief us about activities of Neeranjali since I have not been able to find many of them over the internet?

“I think you have not done enough research. Neeranjali has worked with local NGOs who work in those rural areas where there is acute water shortage. For example in Madhya Pradesh with help of a local organization we installed free drinking water units at places where people would not find drinking water so easily. Other areas include agriculture. We have worked with farmers and helped them with borewells etc. Water Conservation is not only talking about saving a bucket of water. It has to go beyond that and agriculture is one way to do it. “

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